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Jesse Hall Tower Restoration at the University of Missouri

Exterior Restoration


The iconic tower of Jesse Hall was constructed in 1895 with simple materials and techniques utilizing only wood framing and ornamental sheet metal. After standing tall for over 125 years, the tower was in need of repairs; thus, an in-depth study ensued to understand the extent of restoration required.

design solution

A combination of traditional field investigation and digital 3D modeling resulted in detailed documentation. Work consisted of patching and restoring the sheet metal, replacing rotted wood structure, replacing wood windows with historically replicated aluminum windows, stripping the exterior sheet metal to bare metal, and repainting the tower. Our team took great care to restore the tower so that the final result did not change its overall appearance or any of its ornamental detailing. In addition to preserving the exterior look, there were many painted names and inscriptions within the interior belonging to university organizations - all of which were preserved in place