May 30, 2024
Kansas City Museum’s Carriage House Revival Takes Flight with Ed Dwight’s Astronaut Artistry

International Architects Atelier is working closely with the Kansas City Museum on a major renovation of the historic Carriage House. A key element of this project is a newly commissioned weathervane designed by artist and former astronaut candidate Ed Dwight.

The Loula Long Combs & Tom Bass Memorial Weathervane, currently on temporary display in Corinthian Hall, is a striking 60″ x 70″ piece crafted from copper, bronze, ceramic, and wood. It will be permanently installed on the Carriage House cupola once the restoration is complete.

At the age of 90, Ed Dwight was one of six individuals on board Blue Origin’s seventh human flight, NS-25 on Sunday, May 19, 2024, and the Kansas City Museum is honored to align the display of the weathervane with Dwight’s most recent national recognition.

This collaboration between International Architects Atelier and the Kansas City Museum celebrates the legacy of both the museum and Ed Dwight, who recently made history as one of the oldest people to travel to space at the age of 90. The weathervane serves as a symbol of the museum’s commitment to preserving history while looking towards the future.