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College Avenue Bridge at the University of Missouri

New Construction


MU hired IAA to design a pedestrian bridge spanning the heavily trafficked Highway 763/College Avenue. Due to safety regulations, which require a fully enclosed overpass, the challenge was to design an unobtrusive structure for drivers while also providing an aesthetically pleasing experience for pedestrians.

design solution

The solution, first and foremost, provides safety to pedestrians and drivers. The bridge offers a secure passage for those traversing the highway between the eastern and main areas of the campus, which previously averaged more than 500 dangerous and illegal crossings each day. Both aesthetic and visibility concerns were addressed through the use of minimal steel framework and a delicate roof form, along with perforated metal cladding and generous, yet subtle lighting illuminating the walkway in the evening. The integration of a radial approaching path provides a natural progression to the bridge, and makes the feature handicap accessible and bicycle-friendly.