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University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law

Interior Renovation


UMKC's School of Law is a prestigious regional institution. However, its facilities largely failed to reflect that. IAA was commissioned to design a renovation (and eventual addition) of the school's courtroom, library, classrooms and support spaces.

design solution

For the library, our design team sought to transform the under-performing and rarely-used space into a youthful, modern hub for learning, discussion and socialization. The corridor outside the library was opened up by way of a glass wall, allowing direct views, easy access and the penetration of natural light into the space. Within, new features promote interaction and collaboration. A linear storage arrangement for books and manuscripts bridge technologically-advanced resources with more time-honored reference materials. The finishes and spatial arrangement throughout the entire space combine the sophistication of an upscale law firm with the vibrancy, comfort and warmth of a favorite hang out. Lastly, a technology classroom facilitates integrated learning and allows students to connect devices with one another and instructor. Within the courtroom, our designers prescribed a fresh interpretation of the traditional legal space. This enhances educational functionality, observation and interaction. Selected finishes marry familiar courtroom sensibilities with contemporary vibrancy. Finally, lecture halls were completely updated, as well. New integral seating provides power and data connectivity at each student workstation, facilitating optimal connectivity. Adjustable lighting and interactive audio-visual devices combine to form an integrated and cohesive learning environment.