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Longview Enrollment Center at Metropolitan Community College

Interior Renovation


Metropolitan Community College sought a new enrollment center for its Longview campus. The spaces would act as a valuable student resource, as well as an institutional symbol. The vision was for a design enhancing the school brand, enticing prospective students and instilling pride within those already enrolled.

design solution

To achieve the desired effect, a series of 'Laker Blue' wayfinding elements direct guests through the space. Flowing organic ceiling geometries and complementary materials and hues throughout the center culminate to form a cohesive and visually striking interior. Programmatically, the design is effective in consolidating into one, two related, yet distinct campus units - an orientation center and an advising office. The new space epitomizes the 'one-stop-shop' model. Questions regarding class schedule, financial aid, and campus events are answered in one, centralized, easy-to-navigate location. Each advising station is a defined space where students can prepare for the upcoming semester, privately. Auxiliary spaces are shared by all stations, and include a computer center, conference room, classroom, and reception area. All functional demands are met within this unique and inviting campus gateway.