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Hatch Hall at the University of Missouri



MU's Hatch Hall, an eight-story dorm dating from the 1960s, was in need of interior renovations, functional alterations, and building systems and communications infrastructure upgrades. IAA first conducted a thorough study to determine building deficiencies and identify functional, structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and IT needs. Our team then designed and documented the complete renovation of Hatch Hall.

design solution

Working closely with University and Res. Life staff, as well as directly with student focus groups, IAA developed a set of programming goals reflective of a collective community vision. The renovation, and essentially reinvention of Hatch Hall, addressed University needs, while also delivering on student wants. First and foremost, the building received a complete overhaul to its mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire safety systems. Damaged exterior masonry was repaired and cleaned, and all windows and roofing materials were replaced with energy-efficient alternatives. The residential floors were reprogrammed to allow for more common space for socializing and studying. A dramatic new building entry transformed the existing lobby space into a social hub for residents. IAA seized every opportunity to open the building up to views of the campus landscape and to introduce natural light. Modern technological amenities, glass partitions, skylights, contemporary ceramic and mosaic tile, enhanced wayfinding and new carpet and flooring combine to deliver a warm and inviting home-away-from-home.