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912 Broadway Offices

Adaptive Reuse Renovation


Located in KC's historic Downtown Garment District, this building has seen many different uses throughout its life. Originally a clothing factory and warehouse, IAA recognized its potential as a future home for our firm. Our team found design inspiration in the building's historic roots. New finishes would need to be mindful of that rich past, but also expressive of the firm's progressive architectural philosophy.

design solution

Our team designed a modern workplace that does not attempt to replicate the past, but instead fully embraces its character and celebrates its authentic architectural elements while marrying them with current functionality and minimalist design. New forms complement the raw wood skeleton. Light, modern materials are juxtaposed with massive timber columns and beams. Unassuming gypsum board walls and translucent panels provide order without overpowering the space. True to its industrial past, mechanical ductwork, electrical conduit, and sprinkler lines are left exposed. New partitions follow cleanly alongside existing columns, creating a natural linear flow from one end of the office to the other. Minimal, timeless office furniture with neutral colors and transparent work-surfaces harmonize with the space.