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Unified Government Health Center in conjunction with Cerner

Adaptive Reuse Renovation


In 2015, the Unified Government of Wyandotte County acquired a two-story office building located near the central business district of Kansas City, KS with the hopes of turning it into an employee Health Center. IAA teamed with Cerner for this renovation in order to implement the most-current and streamlined healthcare solutions.

design solution

We focused on creating a different experience from the moment a patient walks through the door. Cerner's no-wait model means individuals meet with their care provider almost immediately thus requiring smaller, but open and inviting waiting areas. Additionally, we incorporated care suites rather than exam rooms. For this, programming revolves around the individual, not the provider. Within the suites, typical consultations take place in comfortable settings outfitted with informative and accessible state-of-the-art technology rather than a cold exam table. These care suites are meant to act as a "health home" during an individual's journey to wellness. Labs, biometrics and other wellness assessments are provided right at the health center for easy and quick communication and results.