November 17, 2017
That’s a Wrap

With our awards season winding down and Thanksgiving fast approaching, we are finding much to be grateful for this year. Two IAA projects were recognized with AIA Design Excellence awards this fall. The new Shawnee Mission Park Beach House, fondly dubbed ‘Tidal’ by our team, received a Citation Award in the Concept category at the AIA KC Excellence in Design Awards Ceremony. The renovation + reconstruction of Swallow Hall at the University of Missouri-Columbia also received an Honor Award at the AIA Mid-Missouri Ceremony. We are exceptionally thankful for the recognition, and deeply enjoyed collaborating with our clients on both projects. 

IAA staff at the AIA KC Awards Ceremony

About Tidal: 

We set out to design the unexpected, not simply due to the building’s unique
function (a beach house in Kansas), but instead for its striking departure from traditional park
forms. Although fundamentally basic in its CMU, polycarbonate, and concrete construction,
its simple elements – plane roof and box below – provide important and essential needs, like
shelter from the elements and sustaining amenities. It is a confluence – seamlessly merging all
different community members and functions. ‘Tidal’s’ subtly articulated, but sprawling terrace
provides a place to socialize and sunbathe. It’s sweeping roof, which swells above, mimics the
lapping waves nearby and gives refuge from the summer sun, while its clean lines epitomize
the tranquility so many seek on the water. It is completely germane to its environment, while
simultaneously standing out and announcing a bold future vision for the park and its role in
the community. (Learn more about the project here.)

Swallow Hall at the University of Missouri-Columbia (Learn more about the project here.)