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UMB Bank Drive-up Facility

New Construction


UMB Bank commissioned IAA to provide a new drive up facility at 87th Street and Nieman Road, a prominent corner in Overland Park, Kansas. The facility program included seven lanes for drive-up banking, ATM kiosks, and a teller building containing a workspace, a night safe depository, a break room, and a restroom. City ordinances such as parking, traffic flow, and site constraints were critical considerations in order for the project to be functional, while the design challenge remained to create an iconic structure which could be seen from the adjoining two interstates out of a traditionally static building typology.

design solution

IAA embraced technical, site considerations in plan and transformed the project site by creating a dramatically dynamic and aesthetically gripping structure. The concrete and steel building is a surprising sculptural element within a typical, suburban landscape. The project features a conical, cast-in-place concrete building envelope with a soaring, triangular, drive-through canopy emerging from the teller windows. The core building is topped with a translucent enclosure, which gracefully hides mechanical equipment and is illuminated at night for dramatic effect. The drive-through canopy is supported by organically-arranged, angled columns to enhance the structure’s playful design, as if to tickle the lanes below.