June 23, 2023
Welcome, Kate!

Welcome to IAA, Kate! 

Kate grew up traveling with her family, and at a young age declared that she would become an architect. And, being a spacey kid, forgot about it immediately. For years she drew whenever and wherever she could, leading her to fascination with graphic design in high school. It rekindled her excitement for design again, and so she took an architecture class. Now, six years later, Kate is a third year student at the University of Arkansas pursuing a Bachelors of Architecture with a minor in Urban Planning. She hopes to use her passion for design to reshape communities to be more affordable and uplift those who live there.

Outside of work and school, she enjoys building projects for her family in the woodshop (the most recent project being coasters that look like toast, and thus, she calls them “toasters” – how cool!). She also enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing Stardew Valley, and playing with her three big dogs. During the school year, she spends her time cooking, ice skating, and losing to her friends in Mario Kart.

From left to right: “toasters” made in the woodshop, Kate’s 3 dogs: Indy, Gryffin, and Ollie, and Kate with her sister Rachel.

Welcome to the team Kate! We are excited to have you for the summer and look forward to seeing your skills and passion for architecture grow!