March 27, 2017
The People Have Spoken

For the second year in a row, IAA participated in the Girl Scouts of Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri’s Cookie Construction competition. The program allows girls the opportunity to learn about and explore careers in design, and also develop conceptual, creative and problem-solving skills. Over the past several months, female designers and architects from our office worked with a team of Girl Scouts to plan, design, and finally build a structure made entirely out of cookie boxes. Our team, the self-proclaimed Butterfly Dream Squad, built its Dream Factory alongside the other teams on March 4 at Crown Center. Up until March 24, the public has been voting for its favorite structure. This past Saturday, the votes were tallied and it was announced that Butterfly Dream Squad won the People’s Choice Award. Congratulations, team! Check out our design below. 

Welcome to the Dream Factory, where ideas are born, nurtured, signed, sealed, and delivered! The seedlings of innovation begin from sources of imagination within each of us. Whether it be a philosophy, a technology, an invention, an organization, or just a great idea, they all traveled out of a noggin or two and into the world. Wishing we could see this place, the dream squad presents “The Dream Factory.” An incubator for innovations to foster and grow before global distribution.