January 22, 2018
Making a Calendar

Over the years, IAA’s holiday calendar has provided our staff the opportunity to let loose and get creative with a different type of project. From coasters to tear-away calendar “cubes” – we’ve tried our hand at quite a few different configurations, and love the challenge of coming up with something unique each year. For 2018 especially, our team created a calendar with the designer’s eye in mind. The process began with an internal design challenge where each staff member was given the chance to present their best starting concept. Once one was selected our whole team worked together to refine, execute, and assemble the finished product – and get it out just in time for the first of the year. 

For the original design, we were inspired by our daily work. Our team wanted to produce something that illustrated the designer’s approach to creating and problem-solving – to think spatially and in 3D, and ultimately, to conceive something unique and versatile.

The design is made up of 12 triangle pieces, each containing a monthly calendar. Adding further intrigue, the particular shape of the triangular elements mirror the “A’s”  within the IAA logo (created by Design Ranch – have we mentioned how much we love them?). Each piece includes small notches, and as the year goes on, they are able to attach to one another in order for each user to build a completely unique sculpture of their own.