June 11, 2015
Job Well Done

On Tuesday, IAA team members set out on a road trip to Columbia and the University of Missouri campus to celebrate the wrap up of a project long in the making. After extensive restorations and renovations, construction crews are putting the finishing touches on Wolpers Residence Hall, which will be ready for a new class of Mizzou students in the fall. Also part of the project was the restoration and renovation of Johnston Residence Hall, completed earlier this year. The halls were originally built in 1963 and 1947, respectively. Led by IAA architect, Andy Short, our team, along with the help of many others, transformed the popular residence halls into inviting, modern spaces that will continue to serve as MU staples for years to come. IAA thanks all those involved on the successful completion of this project!

Front Desk
Student Lounge
Student Hangout