November 10, 2022
IAA welcomes Ava to the team
International Architects Atelier is excited to welcome, Ava Amirahmadi to our team of architects. Ava is excited to be returning to her hometown of Kansas City after over a decade in the New York City area. She will be bringing to IAA her diverse experience working on institutional and commercial projects at international firms.
Ava holds a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Architecture from Columbia University, and received her Master of Architecture at Yale University. Her most recent experience at Snøhetta and Henning Larsen is indicative of her interest and passion for Scandinavian design. During her time practicing in New York City, she worked on a wide range of projects, from the façade of a supertall tower now seen on the Manhattan skyline to the interiors of the Summit Observation Deck visited by millions of visitors each year.
When not designing, Ava tries to keep up with as many childhood hobbies as she can. She still enjoys playing soccer, taking ballet classes, and baking. When looking to do something less active, Ava loves playing board games with friends and family, particular favorites are The Settlers of Catan and Pandemic Legacy.
Ava loves to be challenged by projects of all scales and typologies and is looking forward to designing and collaborating with the team at IAA.