December 08, 2022
Ben Joins the IAA Team


We are thrilled to welcome Ben Jensen to our team as an Architectural Designer. Ben originally attended the University of Iowa where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Psychology and went on to attend the University of Northern Iowa earning his Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

After traveling to big cities and admiring the effect urban design had, Ben made the switch to Architecture earning his Master of Architecture from the University of Kansas in 2018. Since then, he has worked as an architectural designer here in Kansas City. Ben brings a unique perspective to architecture because of his background in psychology. One of the things he wants to do is incorporate the principles of psychology and expand those tenets into the spaces we design. While architecture can be viewed at many scales, Ben has found the importance of being mindful to an individual’s experience and interaction with a space – he hopes his background can lead him to being an empathetic designer of spaces that are not only functional and beautiful but also comfortable. While he admires many architectural design styles, Ben has an admiration for Art Deco, Miesian and both Ancient & Contemporary Japanese.

Ben is a student at heart – he loves studying & learning the history of different art forms such as cinema, music and more recently painting – he has reviewed over 1,000 films! He is also proud of his ever-expanding vinyl record collection that just crossed the 400+ mark. Growing up Ben wanted to be a pilot and still enjoys learning about different planes & jets as well.

Fun fact: Ben has a twin brother that is a rocket scientist – His twin worked on the recently launched Artemis 1 that is currently circling the moon!

Welcome to the team, Ben!