June 24, 2015
American Abroad

This summer, we’re lucky to have Laura Cale intern with us at IAA. The Shawnee, KS native will graduate next May with her Master’s Degree from Kansas State University, where she studies Interior Architecture and Product Design. While she’s with us, we’re getting to know all kinds of fun facts about her, including her inspiring time abroad last semester. 

Laura Laura has given us a crash course on Scandinavian design after having spent several weeks in Copenhagen, Denmark earlier this year. She shares, “functionalism may be a mere style elsewhere, but in the Nordic countries, their design is a reaction to the harsh natural conditions. Nordic design is all about responding to the existing conditions and utilizing local resources in the most honest way possible.”

Although she admired many designs in Denmark, there was one in particular that was Laura’s favorite. Situated just north of the Nørrebro neighborhood in Copenhagen is the Grundtvigs Kirke (above), designed by Peter Jensen-Klint in 1926. About the church, Laura says, “the interior is inspired by Gothic architecture, but the entirety of the space is composed of Danish yellow bricks. It was the most beautiful church I saw during my time abroad.” 

Laura’s spirited analysis of Scandinavian design is a reminder of the ability of architecture and design to inspire. We are excited to see how this experience influences Laura and her work, both here at IAA, as well as after she graduates next year.